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This post and addendums are to track other bodies of work that aren't included directly on this site (or at least not when I post them).

Hi Max, Am trying to get in contact with you. Would love to chat about Digital Democracy and how we can make it happen. Hope to hear soon. Cheers

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By the way, amazing work with Flux.

Hi, FYI, Flux is dead:

I'm no longer interested in pursuing anything around digital democracy.

I now think that what Flux was trying to do (and widespread digital democracy more broadly) is a fool's errand. There are much bigger problems with govt/democracy, and those problems will prevent digital democracy making any substantial impact. The AEC's flagrant disrespect for the Electoral Act and consistent head-in-the-sand style denial of any fault is an example of this. Moreover, voluntarily participating in broken systems (e.g., starting a political party) is, in-essence, consenting to it and publicly supporting it as legitimate. I don't think that's a good thing to do, and the right thing is to opt-out of those systems to whatever extent is possible.

There are two philosophy books I recommend you read that discuss these sorts of issues. Karl Popper's Enemies of the Open Society, and Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.

IMO, digital democracy actually presents a risk in some ways, in that it might make government interference a lot easier. IMO, the further the government is from your life, the better.