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If you've visited my site before, you might notice it's different now. It's a complete forum -- the blog part is done through permissions.

The structure is a tree and based on discussion at It's highly customizable and supports things like CNAMEs for sub-forums (which can be ~disconnected from the main forum tree via permissions).

Every node in the tree supports RSS feeds. Hit the RSS button or add .feed to the end of a URL to get the feed.

I've made an Open Discussion node at /n/88 -- you can post whatever there.

Nodes can be viewed as any other type of node; atm there are 3 types: root, index, and topic. Add /as:<view> to the end of a node's URL to view it via that method, e.g. The main forum-nodes have descriptions but -- atm -- those aren't shown except via view-as or the RSS feeds.

Addendum by u/max after 2021-08-28 08:33:19 UTC 1 minute

ATM you need to register an account to post/reply, but anon comments are mb on the cards -- just not a priority right now.