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Philosophy work and "I need a new site"

I've been doing a lot of work on philosophy recently.

Public work takes two main forms: the tutorials are all up on youtube, and a site where I've been publishing related work.

  • I've hired Elliot Temple to tutor me with the ultimate goal of improving my writing.
  • We discuss a lot of things in the tutorials; topics so far include grammar, text analysis, controlling and directing one's habits, time and energy managements, epistemology (including one of Elliot's most significant contributions: Yes/No Philosophy (1) (2))
  • I am regularly updating with notes and things I'm writing or thinking about.

I've come to realise the current site I have is pretty bad for higher volume stuff, and jekyll is bad in general for maintaining a library of criticism. So I'm thinking about potential new things to use for a site.

I want to migrate everything, have a large amount of customizability WRT posting, and it should do comments well. Building stuff is okay if it's feasible.

Oh, and it shouldn't have silly issues like jekyll does (e.g. sorting a list of pages can fail if they don't all have a field, e.g. date, in their frontmatter; it's hard to provide a default if date is missing, and even if it is present on all pages, you can't sort the pages by date if some of the values are Dates and some are Strings b/c Ruby doesn't know how to).